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You wouldn’t build a house without seeking advice, and the same goes for a garden. 


  • When you employ a garden designer this means you’re engaging a specialist in the field who will take responsibility for all the design work and specifications of your garden. You will end up with a road map for your garden with a clear vision and end goal. 


  • Fully understanding the site is important, which part gets the most sunlight? Which gets least? What is the soil structure? Furthermore, a garden designer brings substantial plant knowledge the homeowner or client may not have. How tall will that plant grow? Which species of plant would thrive in the dry shade at the far end of the site? What is the best way to use types of plants as well as combinations to give year-round interest?


  • Alongside this plant knowledge, is the expertise in hard landscaping and design features, such as paving, walls, steps and water features. How best to construct that retaining wall for the level change? Where best to position the piece of art as a focal point? Which stone will best complement the house and the proposed planting?


  • The homeowner or client will have firm ideas on what they like and dislike, a garden designer will then utilise and adapt to these preferences. On the flip side, we spend so long looking at our own garden spaces that a new perspective and a fresh pair of eyes can come up with ideas we might have never come to ourselves.


  • If your budget is tight or maybe you are a keen DIY person, one service which may help is employing a garden designer for consultancy only, not a design (most offer this service) to help get you off on the right foot. You’ll have a professional who will look critically at your space, consider your wants and needs and suggest an appropriate style with suitable materials and plants.


  • We all have an idea that we want for our own garden. By working with a Garden Designer, you can be assured that what you develop together will have the ability to not only be built but also to be sustained.


Having your garden designed by a professional will save you money in the long run, add value to your property and save you from making mistakes!

Posted on 25th May 2021

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