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What a stunning specimen of a Magnolia. Great Spring colour, a must for any garden.

The variety is “Susan”, it displays dark pink to redish cup shape flowers. Its upright shape and good size make it an excellent choice when planning for a small garden. This particular shrub is growing in a fertile, slightly acidic, sheltered position. It acts as a good “anchor” plant for the bed that it is in. Some of the lower branches were removed last Autumn to free up  space and light for the surrounding plants.

If you have a similar Magnolia and want to plant underneath  and around the base of the shrub then be careful to choose plants that like dry conditions. Good planting partners for this Magnolia would include Ajuga and Saxifraga ,around the base, and plants like Sedum and Pulmonaria further away from the base.

When choosing a position for a new Magnolia choose a sunny but sheltered spot with a slightly acid soil. Plant it slightly high and water well and mulch it with well rotted farm yard manure in the first growing season. Alternatively pot a young Magnolia into a large ceramic or wooden pot, using a ericaceous compost, and enjoy it when it is in flower. After flowering demote it to the back of a bed or to a less visited area of the garden.







Posted on 7th April 2017

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