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County Council Landscape Plans

Site Planning and Planting Plans for Planning Purposes in Cork

A County Council landscape plan is part of the process when applying to build a new house. The planning department often request this to ensure that new houses are landscaped in accordance with local planning laws.

Typically,  councils and and local authorities will ask for details on all proposed site boundary treatments and a detailed planting plan stating species, varieties, quantities and sizes of the proposed plants. Use of native species and a timescale for implementation will also be requested.

New native hedgerow

I will visit the site, identify and list existing trees and shrubs and make recommendations for future planting. I provide planting plans for planning purposes that will satisfy County Council requirements.

Get Expert Consultancy Before Submitting your Landscape Plans

Jarlath is an Expert Consultant for Site Planning and Planting Plans in Cork

Along with retaining any plant life that is not affected by the building works and my use of native trees and plants form a strong part of my landscape plans that are submitted to the County Councils.

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