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Garden Design in Cork to Transform Outdoor Spaces

Garden Design is the first and the most important step in any garden project. Would you build a house without plans?

So before embarking on a landscape or a garden project it is important to get the plan right.

Grove of Silver Birch - garden design in Cork by JW Garden Designs

Grove of Silver Birch

A garden design will give an overall perspective on the site, and this is key, as it will solve problems like privacy, parking, shelter and safety. It will focus on good views, entrance and driveway, to patio and vegetable areas with strong emphasis on daily living and unity and flow from the house to the garden.  It is important to have a long term view of the garden. Trees and shrubs need to be chosen and positioned carefully. Patio areas need to be large enough to accommodate a growing family. In short, the garden has to work for the present and for the future.

Stone face with concrete top - garden design in Cork by JW Garden Designs

Built in bench


It is wise to spend on the planting first, and hard landscaping (paving, walls, pergolas etc.) later. This will allow the trees and shrubs to begin to establish earlier. Hard Landscaping aspects can be the most expensive part of a garden design. It may be advisable, if budget is tight, to dig out the patio area and fill it with a nice gravel to have it looking good until the paving can be afforded. Don’t compromise the size of the patio to the budget, wait until the budget is there, phase the garden design. Don’t be tempted to reduce the size or to use an lesser quality material.

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