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Cheap Garden Design Ideas

Cheap Garden Design Ideas.

When it comes to doing up your garden on a budget here are some cheap garden design ideas, that won’t cost too much. If you have a small back garden, a balcony or a large rural garden a few small change can make all the difference.


Plan first, take a pen and paper and measure the garden as accurately as you can. Then just draw out what garden design ideas you have in mind. Use the web for inspiration. Use strong straight lines to create different areas within the garden. Build the shapes with rectangles.Curved patios and walls are harder and more expensive to build.


Use your money wisely, buy good quality paving flags for the main patio area, they will last long term. Use gravel for the footpaths, it’s cheaper.



A pot doesn’t have to be shop bought terracotta or ceramic pot. A pot or a container is something that will hold soil, a plant, leave water out and not fall over. So anything from an old metal bucket to a copper cylinder or even an upcycled old sink or toilet bowl can be used. What is important is that you don’t mix up too many different type of pots in the same area and that the plants that go into the pots have sufficient room to grow. In other words don’t put a tree into an old boot and expect it to do well!



Here are some good ways to save money :

  • Buy bare root plants in the winter, these are far cheaper than potted plants in the spring/summer. This would especially apply to a hedge or a large border where there are many plants required.
  • Sow seeds. Sow California poppies (Eschscholzia californica),

California poppies

        Pink Ice Candytuft (Iberis hybrid) or white Campanula in April. This will give long lasting summer colour.

White campanula

  • Lift and divide herbaceous perennials from other parts of the garden or from a friends garden. This is a very effective way of propagating herbaceous perennials, Nepeta, Rudbeckia and Hostas would be very easy plants to start with. Be careful when dividing plants that may be infested with weeds or pests, you don’t want someone else’s problem to be imported into your garden.


  • When buying trees buy smaller bare rooted trees instead of large potted trees. They will grow, you need to give them time.
  • Make your own compost. Start a compost heap, use old leaves, uncooked kitchen waste, light garden clippings and grass cuttings. It is very satisfying to plant into compost that you “made” yourself


Outdoor Furniture

The end of the summer is a good time to buy garden furniture. Many of the garden centres, co op shops and retailers have good value at the end of the season.

Better again why not buy an old kitchen set of table and chairs. They can be painted in contemporary outdoor colours to bring life and colour to a patio.

Paint an old kitchen chair


Elbow grease!

By just tidying up your existing garden or tackling that corner that you’ve been ignoring can do wonders for the appearance of a garden.

Timing is important, get out early. Don’t wait until the weeds are unmanageable. Don’t wait for weeds to go to seed and do more damage. Timely weed control can save a lot of work. Be regular of your inspection of the garden. Hoe young weed seedlings and be vigilant of pest and diseases.

If you are planning on putting in a vegetable garden get ahead with some winter digging if the weather conditions allow.

If employing a landscaper discuss the possibility of doing some of the work yourself to make the job cheaper. Do as much of the work that you can do yourself.

Weeds going to seed


Enjoy the garden




Posted on 13th February 2018

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