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Bullet Proof Plants

“Go to plants” , “Old Reliables” or “Bullet Proof Plants”. Call them what you like, every garden has a plant that does well every year no matter what is thrown at it.

Here is a good selection of tried and tested plants that are sure not to disappoint:

  1. Nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’ (Catmint). A great herbaceous perennial, I use it in all my planting plans. Blue flowers that tumble over footpath edges all summer.
  2. Buddleia ‘Black Knight’ (Butterfly Bush). Easy to grow hardy deciduous shrub with clusters of fragrant, tubular dark purple flowers. Great for late summer colour.
  3. Ribes sanguineum ‘King Edward’ (Flowering Currant). One of the earliest shrubs to flower, with aromatic leaves and deep pink flowers. A good sized shrub useful in a large garden.
  4. Ilex aquifolium ‘Silver Queen’ (Variegated Holly). This large shrub gives all year round interest, it makes a great specimen plant and can be pruned into a pyramid shape.
  5. Rudbeckia ‘Goldstrum’. Another must have perennial for late summer. The daisy like golden flower heads with black centres give great colour to the border.
  6. Sarcococca humilis (Sweet Box). A tough low sized evergreen shrub that spreads by underground stems. Great for a shady corner.
  7. Persicaria affinis ‘Darjeeling Red’ (Knotweed). This is a very useful groundcover plant, forming a mat of leaves with spikes of pink flowers.
  8. Stipa gigantea (Giant Oat Grass). A tough decorative grass that can be used to give a great sense of movement in the garden. It grows up to 2 metres tall, also useful in a mixed herbaceous scheme.
  9. Erica carnea ‘Springwood White’ (Winter flowering whiteheather). Brilliant low maintenance winter colour.
  10. Lonicera pileata ‘Maygreen’ Known as Box Palm in some parts of Ireland this old fashioned plant is great as an edging or a low hedge. Also good as a shaped specimen.
Posted on 12th May 2016

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